Monday Multitude & Kindness

It’s Monday, and I try to get back into my routines on Monday, my prayer time, my study time, my meal planning – all those things that can fall to the waste side on the weekends.    Thanking is another area I try to focus on on my Monday mornings.  I try to set aside a few minutes to reflect and to thank.

These days it seems the bulk of my time is spent working on the character of my children.  I see other families with many kids and I wonder at how their energy level seems so much lower.  I wonder how they all seem to get along so well while my boys seem to fight with one another so much.

Not sure I have any of it figured out.  I do think families that have girls as the oldest have a completely different dynamic than those with boys.  The energy that boys create is so much more physical than that emotional energy of girls.

We are trying to be much more intentional these days about kindness, myself included.

  I am guessing that they have learned some of their lack of kindness from me.  I tend to be in the mode of home manager and not so much the nurturer.  So as I am working on their little hearts and behavior, I am trying to work on mine too.

Today was a better day than we have been having, allowing more time for some fun, less stress for me, and less being in trouble for them.

So, as I am winding down from my day, I am thankful for…

420 – walks in the morning to get more wild grapes, to make jelly

421 – the jelly that was made

422 – listening to Heidi at breakfast and lunch, from librivox

423 – playing banana grams with kids who relish the time

424 – waking up early and having good prayer time

425 – knowing the others are up (or getting there) and praying along with me

426  – an unexpected gift

427 – plans to play later this week with friends

428 – knowing Robert only works 2 days this week

429 – seeing my children being kinder

430 – sitting on the couch with a grand view

431 – weekend with family, cousins enjoying each other

432 – dates set for cousin camp

433 – a great husband and Dad – who lives to serve this family

I am hopeful that this kindness thing will become contagious.  I hope. 

Meanwhile, we are still working on meal planning, school this summer and farm life – life is good.

1 thought on “Monday Multitude & Kindness

  1. Hi Janelle! We are a “boy family” too, but with a girl first! I would argue that there is not really a difference…. 🙂 We have a family Bible verse that we use constantly as a reminder of how we are to treat each other: Phil. 2:3. Even my 6 year old knows it – KJV, too! Application of the Word REALLY changes things. Be of good courage. You are doing a good work and are Blessed. ~Sidne

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