Thrifty Livin’

I love it when I get a chance to “run” into my favorite thrift store!!  My sister in law told me about this small chain of thrift stores that she adores in Dallas and told me, years ago, of one near me.  Well, it is not near me any longer, as I am far away now, but I still find any excuse to stop by when I am in the neighborhood. (I have even made up reasons to be in the neighborhood)

Yesterday, as a family, we trekked up to the metroplex.  We had a dr. appt for E and swimming with friends, a stop at Trader Joes and Central Market – for some essentials.  And of course, you guessed it!!  A stop to my FAVORITE thrift store!!


I love this store because there are not “set” prices – like at goodwill, where everything is 3.99 or more.  And sometimes at Goodwill, the prices might even be higher than you would find the same item for on sale.  So, yes, honestly I avoid Good Will.  Still a worth cause, and I love Good Will on half price days, but normally, I skip that stop.

So, yesterday we stopped for a variety of reasons, I love when my husband is along because he can be picky about purchases, and likes to try on the jeans before we buy.  And since we can get jeans there from 1.99 – 6.57 for Levi/Wrangler we buy all his work jeans there!!2 new skirts


So, we went up with a list : t’s for the boys, jeans for J, and jeans for Robert.  I am always on the lookout for skirts, and tops – this trip I found 2 skirts (Talbots & Target)! 

Both older boys found 3 pairs of jeans (Old Navy, or Levi), AG found 3 pairs of jeans (Old Navy) – each of hers were .99 or 1.91 – how can you not take those home?? 

jeansmore jeansmore jeans2The boys were all 2.72 for a couple pair, .99 for a couple more, and 1.91 for another.  Again, how can you not get those???  All were in perfect condition, one pair had some grass stains (that Tide will remove).


Lastly, these boys have been whining about not having any t’s – so I picked up some of those too – about 11 of them – all for 1.41 – .99 each. 

smithsonian tstar wars t

And yes, a Smithsonian one (Night at the Museum), a Disney one,

disney t

and a Star Wars one – all shirts my boys would love but I hate paying what they want for those.  (Yes, my children are suffering and abused)

One of our favorite purchases was this T

favorite t

And it is just perfect for us!!

So, we were all pretty excited.  The bottom line?  31 items of clothing for 6 different people, total cost : $73.00 (11 pair jeans, 2 ladies skirts, 3 pair athletic shorts, 4 pair khaki pants, 11 tshirts).  I think we did great with our purchases!  I love this thrift store!!

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