Quick Trip

We got a chance recently, to get away for a few nights!  We enjoyed some great hospitality at the Benson Home!  It was lots of fun to watch our kids play with Robert’s cousin’s children!  They all have lots of fun together!

We played in the pool, we played in the lake and we played in the air conditioning too!  It was lots of fun to get away from farm life for a brief time.

We chuckled about the lunch served on the boat!

We packed lunch on day 1 (we, as in mommies) included sandwiches for all (2 for Matt), boiled eggs (already peeled), carrots,  cheese sticks, cucumbers, and grapes.  It was great.

Day 2 daddies packed lunch : Granola Bars.  Think the kids rioted??  Nearly!!


It was a blessing that we were planning on this trip.  Once we arrived in town we had a great lunch with Robert’s aunt, grandmother and cousins.  The next day, Grandma went into the hospital for having a stroke that morning.  We were glad we were already there and were able to help a bit with distracting kids, and offering support and encouragement. 

Terri and Grandma

I was very happy to spend time in the hospital with Terri on Monday night.  We laughed with Grandma so much!  She told the nurse it was 1987, but that Obama was president.  She thought she was 5’5 instead of 5’2-ish.  She claimed she was 87, and not 85.  When asked to count her fingers as she held them up, she counted 11 – she told us she was trying really hard in the hopes of going home!  We laughed about that 11th finger!!

She is still in the hospital, and no telling what will happen next.  But it was a blessing to laugh with her.


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