Book Review : My Prince Will Come

I had the privilege recently to read a charmingly sweet book. I have to admit though, this book was not what I expected.


My Prince Will Come  -     
        By: Sheri Rose Shepherd
Sheri Rose Shepherd has written several books, including a wonderful devotion book for boys and another for girls, that we own. They are just the sweetest books for children to read that point them unashamedly to the cross. I love the beautiful writing by Sheri and I was excited to get a chance to read some more of it!


I expected this book to be a devotion book of sorts,the kind you read a page/chapter a day, and I suppose you could read it as such, but it is so much more than a book like that.  The chapters that Sheri wrote in this book at not superficial, scratch the surface topics, she digs deep into four truths of life.  The four chapters contain several sections that you could break up into daily readings.  The subjects of the four chapters are Taking your royal position, Living in the freedom he has won, The Art of loving one another, and Getting ready for my Lord’s return.


This is really a great book to remind you of why you believe what you do. It is a wonderful reminder in the first chapter of who we really are in Christ, a princess of God. This chapter helps us to understand that there is more to life than the perfect figure, enough money, or any other measure of success. Sheri points out the value of our character in God’s eyes. I love how she includes little prayers written by “God” to the reader.  I love that she paints the pictures of us really being of royal heritage and all that come with that.

The next chapter focuses on the freedom we have in Christ. It points out the tools we have as warriors and how we need to use them. She walks through the frustration of past regrets and how we need to find freedom in Christ in all of those areas of life.

Loving one another was my favorite chapter, I really resonated with so many things Sheri wrote here about how to make others feel loved and not drained. How to be someone who loves others as Christ loves them. Sheri never makes a point that she does not support with scripture, on most pages of this book. I loved the reminders from her, but really cherished the scriptural reminders even more.

The book concludes with preparing for the return of Christ. This is a chapter that emphasizes the importance of a real relationship with Christ, not just a superficial one. Sheri writes about being real with Jesus , about our need to be in his word all the time. She equated the words of God in the Bible to getting love letters daily from your husband and never reading them. We need to read the loving, admonishing, encouraging words of God daily.

I highly recommend this book, can you tell? I think this is a great book for a Godly woman in any walk of life, new believer, solid follower, or someone who may have forgotten why they believe what they did. It is such an attractive book, I would love to give this as a gift to many people and think they would love to get it!

NOTE : I was offered this book at no cost, in exchange for an honest review, by Multnomah Publishers.


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