Cousin Camp : Snakes & Sewing

What a day!!  Day 1 – Cousin Camp 2012

Wake up : 6:00/6:30

We kicked the kids out early to go for a run.   Then Robert and I joined them with Polly.  Gotta grab the cool weather before it takes off if you want to be outside!

Then we enjoyed breakfast and the boys went to throw tomahawks and the girls went to the school room to sew!

July 2012 082

We sewed 2 pillow cases and worked on a skirt for Sage.


pillow case

At some point we came in to verify skirt directions and saw everyone gathering in the driveway.  Well, we had to go check it out and we got to see this!

Aravis and her snake

The boys were thrilled, we were so proud of Aravis for her first snake (that we know of).

THen after some lunch, Robert read another chapter of the Hobbit – we are reading it as a family, and thought to offer a few chapters to the cousins!

car wash funcar wash fun 2cleaning little girl

s cleaning


After that we headed out to wash the vehicles.  A good way to cool off with water and get 2 clean cars out of it.

Robertrobert warning

( a warning, he does not like his picture taken…)


We also picked up a fun package in the Mail – J won a Giant Beach Ball and a CD from KCBI’s Kidzone Radio on Saturday morning!  Fun!

J & Jj and big beach ballJ and his big beach ball

The afternoon was spent playing chess, cards, and building with lots of fun stuff. 

A fun first day, worn out kids and some great memories!!ED

peek a boo

(peek a boo)


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