Cousin Camp : Day 3

Friday was a fun day too!

Same beginning, early devotions, followed by a run and dog walk, some chores and then breakfast.

We played lots more chess, some risk, trampoline time, and pretty much just life as a kid trying to stay a bit cool.

The afternoon shaped up into some fun too! First, we tye dyed some t-shirts, capri pants for AG (they were stained), and 2 dish towels. Lots of fun for everyone!

Tye Dye on the line_thumb[1]

AG tye dying_thumbEd dying his shirt_thumb

J and his shirt_thumb[2]

PJ with his shirt_thumb[1]ready to set a while_thumb[1]

John dying_thumb[1]

Finally, here are the finished products we have hanging in the back yard.

-18525143341EB99190 -4213321284CA6E448 25583320937B561D5 127365739065A2B48D -1776831377E9E84D2
-9582724052C8BD78B 312371290179A5518 -1850457174587A7D0 -18250533833096255D -20589202903096255D

Our Friday night ended pretty fun too! We had a bonfire with S’Mores!! This was John’s first time to roast a marshmallow!! Fun!

smore time_thumb[1]

serious smores kids_thumb[1]silly cousins_thumb[1]

enjoying a smore_thumbhappy John_thumbJOhn and his first smore_thumb

satisfied customer_thumb sage and john with smores_thumb[1]

So far, having lots of fun! I am so glad that we got to do this with cousins this week! We value our family so much, and I want to make sure my children are able to really forge relationships with their cousins. It has been such a blessing to watch them play games together, and play together and even read together!! I know they will all cherish the memories of this week for a long while.

sweet girl_thumb

more chess_thumb[1]

PS. Quite the chess players we are raising, there is ALWAYS someone playing chess, morning, afternoon, evening! Not sure how well they are playing, but they are playing!!


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