Running for My Life

Lopez Lomong

I heard about this man.  I am not sure where, but recently.  I knew his story was amazing.  Some how I missed it four years ago, and I wish I had not, I wish I watched the Beijing Olympics knowing what I know now.  Either way, I knew I wanted to read this book. 

However, I am a bit spoiled these days and do not buy a book very often (unless for schooling those kids of mine).  If I read a book, it is usually a free book that I am to review after reading.  I love reviewing books I get for free!  I love how God has been blessing me with these books.

God once again has blessed me with another book!  I saw an ad in World Magazine for the first 200 people to sign up would get a free copy of Running For My Life.  I {almost} ran to the computer to sign up and try to get it!  And low and behold I did!  So thrilled!!  I started reading it that day and finished it today!!


Check out this video to see a bit about what I am raving about…


This is by far one of my most favorite books!  The best book of 2012 –as far as I am concerned!!!

I loved this book!  I loved Lopez’s message throughout the book that pointed back over and over to God’s hand in his life.  I loved that he never lost hope or faith in God.  I love that no matter what he was always optimistic and always praying.

I loved this book.  I cried when I saw Lopez’s character shine through some of the worst moments.  I laughed many times.  And I renewed my faith in God’s people and all they can do.

This is an amazing book – I recommend it for anyone!  I am passing it along to J as soon as he gets back from camp – and he is 11. I expect to let PJ read it when J is done.  I hope that it will give my children a little bit more sense of all they have been given and encourage a sense of responsibility.

If you read anything in the next 5 months, please, please read this book!!  It will inspire you on many levels!!   And don’t miss watching him run in London in a week or so!!

To read more about Lopez and see more pictures check out his website – you will want to get a copy of this book as much as I did!!

NOTE :  I am offering this opinion/review just because I loved this book so much, I have no obligation to review this book!


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