Wrap up : Cousin Camp 2012

What a fun week we had!!  We were so excited this year to have the cousins from Houston come play with us!  We enjoyed some slow time here at the farm, some time out playing, and some time crafting!  This is how we spent our Saturday evening, wrapping up our time together.. (movie night, Cars 2)

cousin camp wind down

We ended Cousin Camp on Monday when we trekked down to Houston to take the cousins home.

The day before we did that we sent my two big boys off to camp with our church.  So as we headed south we only had four kids – with tow of ours gone!  What a different dynamic!!  2 girls and 2 boys – and they paired up nicely and enjoyed each other’s attention!

4 happy kids


When we arrived in Houston the kids hit the pool and they did not get out until they were pruney and completely waterlogged! 

pool fun

We spent the next day the same way – swimming all day!  You can imagine how quickly these kids went to sleep each night!! 

cousin camp in the pool

Finally, we concluded all phases of cousin camp on Wednesday when we headed north, not to Malakoff, but up to the Metroplex.  On the way we stopped for lunch – another treat for these two younger kids!

daddy and AG chili

Up there we stopped by to see E’s doctor – the Natropath we are seeing for him.  Then, we grabbed some subs and headed to watch the Rangers!!

Daddy and ED

Mom and AG at Rangers

What a fun game!  It was lots of fun knowing almost all the players after watching them play in the World Series the last 2 years!  The kids were a perfect age and they were so well behaved and really enjoyed the game too!ED and AG at Rangers

Sweet AG at Rangers

And yes, we were thrilled to welcome back our big boys from camp on Thursday!!  They had lots of fun and were still happy to be home!!  Good times!


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