Book Review : Tidewater Inn

If you have not figured it out yet, I love to read.  The summer is my favorite time to log in many hours reading a great book and I am so thankful I get to sign-up to review lots of books in the summer!!

A recent book that arrived in my real “in-box” was Tidewater Inn by Colleen Coble.  While I have not read anything by Colleen, I have read a few books co-authored by her editor and I knew this was going to be a great read to see Erin Healy paired up with Colleen, as her editor!!

Initially, I planned to sit by the water in Maine and read this book, it just screamed of feet up by the ocean, but instead I finished it off in about 3 days before taking off for Maine, bummer, but at the same time a great read!!

Okay, first you may ask why I felt I needed ocean water to accompany this book.  Well, the story takes place in the Outer Banks (a place I have been several times) and specifically on a small island there.  The main character, Libby, restores old homes, whether she buys them to fix up and sell or whether she is contracted.  While her partner is out checking a deal, she is kidnapped. 

Nicole, Libby’s partner was investigating a job, but had also uncovered some information about Libby’s past, that her father recently died and left her a large portion of the island, the father she thought who died when is was five.

So, Libby is on the hunt to find her partner and friend, meet this new family, and keep herself out of jail.  Yes, there is some suspicion that Libby may be involved in Nicole’s disappearance.

I enjoyed this book very much.  I love this part of the country and I felt like Colleen did an amazing job making you see it, feel and fall in love with the Outer Banks!  I loved the people of Hope Island, they are a family all their own.  While there were many people related, this family went well beyond blood.  I loved how they pitched in over and over to help each other out during tough times, like a hurricane. 

Of course Pearl is such a great character, she is the aunt that Libby never knew about, but instantly loves, and so will you.  She is the matriarch of what is left of this family, but her faith, kindness and love just flow from who she is.  I loved her and loved how she related to all those around her.

The main conflict in the story seems to be the kidnapping and the mystery related to that, but it really is a story defining the difference between holding onto greed, or letting loose and giving.  I loved this.  I loved how the characters who seems to be the “bad” guy were really just wounded and finally came around to choose to give.

I would recommend this book, and no, you do not need to be by the ocean to get the full effect, but it would be fun!!  To read what others are saying check out the other’s blogging about it HERE.

To hear the first chapter check this out…

NOTE : I was offered a copy of Tidewater Inn, at no cost, in exchange for an honest review, by Thomas Nelson publishers.


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