It seems I am more motivated when we travel than when we are home, when it comes to fun school/educational stuff.

We have so much fun stuff planned for this trip!  But what I am most excited about right now is our nature/art journals.  Yes, I am merging the two.  I hope that we make entries each day on the nature side, whether sketching something we see, or journaling what we want to remember.  Also, I plan for us to do an art page each day.  I am using tons of suggestions from Art Projects for Kids – a favorite blog of mine!!

So, I invested in some new journals – the kind with blank pages.  I found our sat Hobby Lobby for a fair price, and no shipping!! 

So, I unhinged the spirally part on the back, took off the covers so we could decorate them and then cover them with contact paper to protect them.  Then I dug out some nature-ish paper, some stickers (from my scrapbook days) and we got busy!!

journal 2

journal 3journal 4journal 5

I love how they turned out, and I cannot wait for us to work on them once we get to Maine!!  What a treasure these books will be when they are full!!  I am hoping for the kids to make some gratitude journal entries in there too!!  Yes, we are using these books for many purposes!!

We have tried journals in the past, but I always used composition books with lines and all.  I am hoping the blank pages elevate the “value” of these books – I hope the kids really want to own them!


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