Day 1 of our trek

Well, we are off.  We left about 05:50am – .yes I was up at 4am packing the cooler and getting everything ready.

We trekked through 5 states : Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Kentucky!  First time back to the birthplace of our first born!!

We drove about 11 hours, 2 bathroom stops, eating on the road and 1 movie!  I mark that up to a very successful day.

Here are some pics J snapped as we travelled.

missouri state linetennesee line 2tennessee state line


And here are the post arrival @ the hotel, pics.

pool fun



A little swimming to get the wiggles & energy out.  Then some supper, a shower and ready for a few minutes of Olympics….

big boyslittles

Good night.  A good day and ready for a good night of sleep…..


Tomorrow we get to see a bit of Clarksville Tennessee – where Robert and I both served in the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) – not to mention J’s first time back to his birthplace!  Fun times – makin’ memories!!

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