Day 3 {Maine Bound}

Amazing what a good night of sleep can do for 5 people trekking across the US.

wva senic stop

day 3 was so much better.  However, it was not without some excitement!!

travelling kids

So, anyway, we were up early – as you can imagine with 5 people in a little hotel room.  Showered, packed, loaded and then off to breakfast.

Breakfast in the hotel is always a treat for my gang, because they (hotel) offer sugar-y items on their buffet that are never in our breakfast repertoire at home!

ED breakfast

pancakes JBPJ and breakfast

So after that, we jumped in the car, I programed the GPS to head to Kristen’s house.  And off we went.

I should note, I have been to Kristen’s in Baltimore before, but I flew in.  (keep this in mind)

So, the drive yesterday was one of the MOST beautiful drives I have ever taken.  Before yesterday, the drive through Wyoming was my favorite.  We loved the Prong Horn Antelope, we loved the open plains and the mountains too.  We loved Wyoming.  But never mind that, we really love West Virginia – it was the most breath-taking drive!!

And we drove, and drove.  We drive through 2 mountains – which the kids loved! 

going through mountain

We stopped at an overlook for a few pics.  It was just a great drive.

the gang at view wva

ag and viewj and p and view

About 5 hours into our drive I seem to notice that the signs are mentioning NC cities a bit more than I would expect.  I mean, I am heading to MD.  Or am I?

Right.  At this point, I take a deep breath, say a few prayers out loud (instead of the explicatives that I “wanted” to say).  Get off at the next exit.  And another deep breath.

Remember that I said I flew to Kristen’s last time?  Right.  I flew.  No GPS, so when I got in the car 5 hours before, and I looked under favorites, I saw Kristen’s address I just clicked –> GO.  Right.  Go.  Go to Fayetteville NC.  Not, Baltimore MD.  Ugh.

So I remain calm, knowing that God knew this was going to happen.  Knowing he could make this not as bad as I feared it would be.  Keep in mind we had gone 5 hours of our expect 8 – we were thinking we were almost there…..

So I call Kristen, calmly tell her what I did and ask for her address.  So now our trip just added 2 hours – instead of coming in to Baltimore from the north, and avoiding DC traffic we were going to hit DC about, oh, 5:30 pm – yeah, the height of rush hour.  But, clinging to God is always good.

So we get back on the road, right address in the GPS, and a few extra hours.  We head north, east, to Baltimore.

Do you want to know the amazing part though?  DC traffic (during rush hour) only added 20 minutes to my drive!!  God was so amazing to get us through DC without any issues, concerns or hardly any traffic!! 

We arrived about 6:30 (the exact time Keegan prayed we would arrive) much earlier than Kristen or I expected!!  The kids played and then settled in for bed.  We were even brave enough to put 5 boys in one room!!  Yes, one room!!  And they slept and got up about 6:45!!  God is really good all the time!!

kristen reading to 8 kids

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