Day 3

I am hoping that not too many people see us as traitors after the day we had!! 

at annapolis

While West Point is the only REAL college (well in our small minds) I still jumped at the chance to expose my kids to another military academy.  I will admit I am not encouraging their attending Navy, but honestly I would be proud no matter where they go and how they serve!

So we did head to Annapolis today to see the Academy, to enjoy learning some history and to stop and crab while out there. 


alan shepherd fan

This kid is a HUGE Alan Shepherd fan – so this was cool!!

at bancroft hall

and I loved this shot of Bancroft hall

crypt of John Paul Jones

The crypt of John Paul Jones – my boys were pretty excited about this too, we have read a bit about him.

ED and cannonin a midshipman display room

A  {demo}midshipman’s room to tour.

stuff from USS Maine

artifacts from the USS Maine – just cool!

with the goat 2

While Robert did suggest kidnapping the goat, we thought a picture was a better idea.  However, what better cover than 2 moms taking 8 kids to show them the academy….  what fun that would have been!!

One of the coolest parts of our site seeing was in the museum they have a collection of Bone Ships – made by French prisoners of war with bones from their food – these were absolutely amazing!!

bone ship bone ship 2explanation of bone ship

I do not think any of my gang has changed their affiliation (nor Kristen’s) it was a very fun day!  The kids were thrilled with all the cool stuff to see and loved running around too! 

We enjoyed crabbing, but did not catch any big enough to keep and eat.  Maybe next time!

This was our “favorite” view from today

best view of navy

(not really)

Crabbing fun….

crabbingfirst crabmore crabbing

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