Day 6 {Maine Life}

We decided to stick around the house on Friday and it was such a glorious day.

rocky coast

It is amazing having time to be still and think, and the thoughts that you can think – wow!

coast line 1

The kids played in the woods for hours – clearing the path a bit and building a lean to. 

lean to with Ptrees on my walk with P

Once the tide went out enough the kids hit the mud.  I did not take any pics of that today, but they came back muddy and happy.

The afternoon was spent cooling off in the water.  The boys are loving swimming in the ocean around high tide – but after today they will be staying a bit closer to the coast.  swimming boys


The three swam out to some rocks and after getting there E decided he was too cold and did not want to swim back.  Ugh.  So I rowed out and brought him back – no more swimming for him – only wading!  (it was not yet high tide, so the current was coming in, and yes, he had a life jacket on)

one lone boy on rocks

Another fun thing we are enjoying this  year is the Osprey.  I have never been here when the juvenile ones are flying around and almost ready to take off on their own.  So the young ones are constantly fling around squawking!!  Tonight I got a pic of one with a catch in it’s claw – can you see it?

osprey with catch sunset

As far as the effect the quiet has on me, well it is amazing to be able to slow down and just re-evaluate life.  I have totally loved the pace we have embraced up here.  We have spent the last 4 days really taking our time, doing what we want and enjoying every minute of it.

Now, the question I am pondering is why is life normally any different?  Why is it that at home life has more stress?  I mean, I determine my schedule, I set the pace and yet it is never this relaxed.  So why not?  Why do I rush through life on a daily basis?

If these last few days have taught me anything it is that I thrive with a slower pace and I enjoy my children much more too.  Now, we are not going to slip into an un-schooling mode – in fact school will look much the same.  However how I approach it, mentally, might be a bit different.

We have been schooling up here, not our core stuff, but some great Ocean stuff!!  this relaxed pace with school has been great for moral too!!

Not sure how things will all look once we get home, but I intent to take some of this Maine pace home with us!!


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