Days 1-5 {Maine}

Oh my, I am not sure where to start!    We had a very uneventful drive up from Baltimore – too many bridges if you ask me – but oh well, we made it!

But we certainly hit the ground running once we arrived, literally.  The kids were covered in mud within minutes of our arrival.  Then, they were off in the woods exploring their trails from 2010.

The next day we all split up : J went golfing with his Papa, P & A went off with their Grammie to Beth’s (a local farmer’s market), and E joined me as we headed to town.  It was lots of fun for everyone and we all got a brief break from each other!!

Once we all got back to the house, the kids headed for the “frigid’ water for a swim.  Grammie encouraged them to go under and the boys all took her up on it and went under!  (but it did not last too long)

Dinner on Monday was our Maine Favorite – LOBSTER!!  The kids all went to the “Gut” with us to get our lobster from Bob – another favorite thing to do!

So now we have a couple days to ourselves up here, a first for me and the kids – and we are embracing every minute!  Tuesday we stayed around the house – went for a hike at a nature trail across the road where Robert’s grandfather donated a parcel of land to preserve it.  It was fun to be in the woods together and just hiking around!

So, Wednesday we were ready to head to “town” for a bit of sight-seeing.  We headed to Damriscotta to another hiking trail and thoroughly enjoyed that walk too!  Then we sat by the water and enjoyed our picnic lunch while the boys found some horseshoe crab shells.

Thursday we went to our most favorite place to play in Maine (aside from the house, of course) – Owl’s Head Light House.  We LOVE to go here, especially when we can go near low tide!!  We stumbled on this place one year when we just happened to be there for low tide.  While walking on the rocks, someone turned over a rock and low and behold  – there were star fish, everywhere!!  So now we make sure to go every year to check out how many star fish we can find!

So, yes we are here and having a wonderful time!!

(sorry about the number of pics – it is hard not to share!)


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