Solitude (almost)


So this is our first time to hang out in Maine, just me and the kids.  In the past the house was full, and there was never a dull moment!

island view

This year we are tickled to be able to enjoy some time in Maine, just us.  While the house is not brimming with people, there is still never a dull moment.  That being said, we are enjoying many slow days, lots of playing here at the house and not the run-around pace we usually keep when in Maine!

sunrise view

It has been such a blessing for me to watch my kids play with each other.  There is still some squabbling, but with all there is to do here there is really little reason to squabble.  If you want to run around in the woods, there is about 13-16 acres to do that, and no fences,  and maybe a few acres from the neighbors too.  If you want to play in the rocks, there are endless rocks to climb, explore and enjoy.  And if the water is more your thing, the ocean abounds on the edge of the property.  Really, it does not get much better than this.


pretty view

And for me, well I have loved having time each day to just think about the direction I want our school to take this year, really our family in general.  I have been able to sit on the porch and see the water, listen to the Osprey and think.  I am not sure why I do not take the time to do this at home, but up here it has been almost therapeutic.  It has really helped me to prioritize some things for this next year, and maybe even beyond.

low tide coast

One of the best parts?  An extreme lack of internet.  I have loved all the time I have found.  I feel better not having it to look at or check out.  I am able to download email (on my phone) about 1-2 times a day, and I am amazed at how much junk is in my inbox.

low tide island

Yes, I do miss looking up a recipe that I might want to make, or checking on what is going on on facebook, but honestly I have missed it much less than I would expect.  I have honestly embraced this simpler life for these last few days.

rock garden

Yes, we will return to normal.  In another day or so family will begin arriving back up here, and Robert will finally join us too – and we are thrilled!  We cannot wait to show them a surprise we have waiting, and to just enjoy this piece of heaven with them.  I think the time we have had has been a great time, but we are ready to play with everyone now!

My lesson from all of this?  This peace does not have to stay here in Maine – I am going to take it home.  I need to do less when we get back, less busyness and more enjoying the life we have.  Less running around and more resting.  Less internet and more playing with the kids.  That is my goal. 

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