Book Review : The Judge

I thoroughly enjoyed my latest read by Randy Singer : The Judge! (Previously released as The Cross Examination of Oliver Finney)

What a great book.  I have loved every book by Randy Singer.

The Judge

What did I love about this particular one?  Well, I loved the reality tv show story.  I have watched a few seasons of Survivor and a few other reality tv shows (not my proudest seasons) and there are always interesting things going on.  But to base a show on the subject of Faith would be great!

In this book, Oliver Finney is the judge who is chosen to be on the show representing Christianity.  Each contestant has a back ground in law because each person will be defending their faith in a court room in front of an Agnostic judge.  The judge will make some judgments while the viewing public will decide others.  So there is more to the game than what happens in the court room.  Meanwhile, Oliver finds out there is a greater threat, and contacts his law clerk for outside help, Nikki Moreno. 

Nikki is a key player in the story even though she is not on the island.  She is not a believer, so Oliver is hoping that he is able to win her over during this show as well.

I loved that there were twists and turns, and a few secrets that kept you guessing until the end of the book.  I enjoyed how the characters really grew to care for each other, regardless of their basic faith beliefs.   I really loved Ms. Kline (the Scientist) and Mr. Hasaan (the Muslim) – these two characters seemed like honest to goodness people representing their respective faiths, I felt like they would be people you know or could know.  I enjoyed how Randy Singer developed who they were, what they believed and their relationships to each other and to Oliver.

This was a quick read for me, as I wanted to keep reading and not put it down.  I loved the court room drama, the suspense of the reality show and I even loved the end. 

I highly recommend this book, and ANY other by Randy Singer that you can get your hands on, you will not be disappointed!!

NOTE : I was offered this book at no cost, in exchange for an honest review, by Tyndale Publishers.

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