Book Review : What a Difference a Mom Makes

First, I must confess I am a Kevin Leman fan.  I enjoy his books.  I have not read every one, but nearly all, and often tell people information I learned in his Birth Order book.

What a Difference a Mom Makes: The Indelible Imprint a Mom Leaves on Her Son's Life

What a Difference a Mom Makes was another great book by Kevin Leman.  However, I will admit, much of his message was new to me.  I was under the impression that the Dad was the most important parent.  This book would tell a mom, of boys in particular, that she is really vitally important.

This book is geared to a mom of any stage, expecting a baby boy, to raising a teenager.  I am about in the middle, leaning a bit to the teenager.  I appreciated several chapters in this book, but right now the one that was really key to where we are with our oldest boy was Guess What His Favorite Body Part Is?  This was really a great chapter to explain many things to a clueless mom!

I also really appreciated how much time he spent talking about the kind of woman our boys will choose to marry – one much like us.  It made me think about what kind of role I am modeling to my boys right now – what kind of woman will they choose because of my influence?


One other area that all moms will want to read was the Ages and Stages chapters where Kevin Leman speaks specifically on boys in the early stages or the later stages.  There was lots of good specific info here regarding to exactly where you are with your boy.

I have read Bringing Up Boys, by James Dobson, and this was still a great read, new material for me.  So, if you have read a raising a boy book in the past, do not think you should skip this one, it will still shed some light on this subject for you!  And not to mention, one of my favorite parts of Kevin Leman’s books is his humor – he always keeps me chuckling as I read through his material!

I highly recommend this book and I am so thankful to have read it right now!  I needed the light humor and the good information that Kevin packed into this book!

NOTE : I am offering this honest review of this book in exchange for my copy of this book.  I received no other compensation.


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