Book Review : Constantly Craving

If you have not made it to a Women of Faith Conference you are missing out on some amazingly talented ladies!  One of those ladies is Marilyn Meberg!  She is a hoot!  She is so full of energy, humor, and compassion!!

Constantly Craving: How to Make Sense of Always Wanting More


I recently read her book Constantly Craving.  I really enjoyed reading this book about why we are always wanting more.

Have you noticed that?  You always want more.  You get the thing you want, and you want more.  You have a great husband, and you want him to be “better” in that one area….  You have great kids, if only they would be more ________ (fill in the blank). 

This is true in almost every aspect of our life.  Why is this?  Well Marilyn tackles this subject head on by addressing it specifically in romance, our marriages, happiness, friendship and more. 

One point she makes is that it is important for us to understand why we are craving more, making choices to seek more, in order to really get a grasp of this.  We are inherently seeking people, we are born that way, if you think about it.  We can control those choices by making better choices and offering agape love to those who are not making better choices.

I really loved the chapter on friendship – I love being reminded that God created us for relationship with him, and with others.  We crave relationships, but sometimes we stuff that desire because of past hurts.  She challenges the reader to seek out opportunities to make room for new friends, for someone who needs a friend.    We’ve all been hurt before, and we need to approach new relationships with the understanding that that person has been hurt too and may not respond immediately.  I have found this to be true in my life, I have had to nearly chase down a new friend at times, but it has been a blessing over and over for me when they finally decide to accept my offer of friendship! (Right Jennifer and Renee?)

Anyway, I really enjoyed this book.  Marilyn makes you really think about what you are craving and why, this helps to restructure your thinking to possibly make other choices in the future!

I loved reading the stories that Marilyn shares throughout the book, she is quite an entertaining writer and I think anyone would enjoy this book as well.

NOTE : I was offered a copy of Constantly Craving by Thomas Nelson Publishers, in exchange for an honest review.


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