Book Review : Children of Angels

I always welcome the chance to read a book that I can recommend to my boys, as they are reading more books, even faster than me, and keeping them stocked is a challenge!!

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Again, this book was not what I expected. When I started the story I was sad to conclude that my boys would not be reading it. The first chapter contained some bullying that I was not sure I wanted me boys reading about. I did not love the way the main character spoke either.  So (again, honestly), I set this book aside and got caught up in another.  After finishing the other, I picked this one up, because like it or not I have to review it.

And lo and behold, I LOVED this book! Who knew? And this is why I keep telling my boys they need to finish a book when I ask them to read it, even if they do not love it. (Usually they do enjoy it before finishing it)

Okay, so what did I enjoy? I loved the Biblical aspect from this story, the reference in Genesis about the Angels procreating with humans and the resulting offspring. There was nothing in this book that went against our Biblical philosophy at all.  (Do I think this could be true, of course not, but nothing contradicted what I do believe to be true)


I loved the adventure and the twists and turns. The story is a great story with much more depth than I expected, even a bit of historical references too. It starts out when Jeremy realizes he has an ability to fly. When a picture is taken of him flying and then published, he gets an invitation to attend a school for kids like him. When he arrives he learns more than just flying lessons are going on there.

Jeremy has his own guardian angel, however he is the only one with one. As a result, he has a much deeper understanding of his abilities and quickly teaches his friends. I loved the relationship that grows between Jeremy and his angel, and also with his new friends.

As soon as I finished this book, I handed it off to my 11 year old, who read it in a day, and now my 9 year old is reading it and both have loved it. This is a the first book in a series and I look forward to investing in the future books of this series, I love books that I can trust my kids to read and learn many lessons from.

My initial feelings were really a bit over-reactive. The wording I did not like was the gruffness of the bully, and after finishing the book realized this is reality and the great story far outweighs the ugliness of the bully in the beginning.

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NOTE: I was offered a copy of this book at no cost, in exchange for an honest review, by LitFuse and WinePress Publishers.

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