Fall is in the Air

Finally, it is starting to really feel a bit like fall and not just a brief cool front.  The wind seems to be always blowing, sitting outside is not painful, and the leaves are not just green!  All signs of fall!

What week we have had.  After the season of beans and rice and correcting some very wrong attitudes in our house, we have had a breathe of fresh air around here.  My kids have been outside playing non-stop (aside from some time schooling, of course).  Outside play makes for tired kids, content kids and a happy mom!!  Watching them play football with Dad or without has been lots of fun this week too!


Things are still not perfect around here. Not sure they ever will be, or rather, I am sure they never will be. But things are good here. The kids seem to be acting a bit kinder, a bit. Chores are still a small struggle, but man that extra chore thing is still helping, and wow – my house is getting and staying cleaner!!

I am reminded that their acting up is not about me. They are kids trying to figure life out, testing boundaries, and figuring out just who they are. They are going to act up, it is up to me to steer them back to where they need to be, lovingly. The lovingly is the tough part for me.

We are eating some yummy stuff around here, maybe I will post about our ethnic experiences we have been having!  We have been trying to sample some different kinds of food, and since we live in the middle of “Restaurant –No-Where” we are forced to make those samples ourselves.  It has been fun!!

However, pumpkin is about to take over our home!  We have cooked 3 now, and are about out – so I need a few more pumpkins!! 

Also, if you are a pumpkin seed roaster, listen up!  If you dry your seeds for a day before roasting they are SOO much crunchier and wonderful!  This is the first year we dried them, and I will never make them again without drying them!!  We are loving them!!

A few recipes we have enjoyed this past week or so are:

Pumpkin Waffles

Pumpkin Muffins with Streusel Topping

Pumpkin Dump Cake (one of my favorites!)

I am sure there are more pumpkin delights in my future, how can there not be with pinterest and million of those recipes from heaven!?


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