Crock Pot Chicken & Broth

I just have to share.  I admit, no pics to entice you, but listen if you want to save some money, time and energy!!

My favorite (new) way to cook a whole chicken, if I am making just one, is in the crock pot.  Does not heat up the house, I can walk away and not worry about it and it tastes GREAT!!  You season like you would if you were going to roast it in the oven.  Then you stick it in the crock pot – and turn it on.  That is it.  Cook about 3-4 hours on LOW,  depending on how thawed your chicken was when you started.  It should fall apart just about.

Then, when you take it out there is all that juice in the bottom and your chicken is super moist and tasty!!  Eat your dinner, or take all the mean off for whatever you want it for.

Next, put all the bones back in the crock pot, I threw the seasoned skin in too.  We served the meat without bones, except legs and so no one chewed on them.  Throw in some parsley, some celery or carrots, even some onion (the best is when you have one in the fridge drying out, it need not go to waste)

Then fill the crock pot up with water.  Yes, fill ‘er up!  Finally turn it on and let it go about 12-14 hours – as long as it is convenient.  I started mine about 5pm, and turned it off this morning about 7am.

The reward?  Beautiful golden broth, amazing flavor and cost me nothing! Well, except the tips of my celery and the dried up onion.

It is in the fridge as I type, letting the fat congeal on top, yes there is some fat in there.  But the beautiful part is, tomorrow I will scoop out the fat and either freeze or can the broth. 


Try it – and I bet you will not be able to buy that can of processed broth for $1 each anymore.


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