Book Review : Soul’s Gate

Next book up for review is Soul’s Gate by James L. Rubart.  This is my first time reading Mr. Rubart and it will not be my last!  Can I tell you, I cannot wait to read the follow-up to this book.

Soul's Gate   -     
        By: James Rubart

So, the story, well Reece is a man who has entered into the souls of others before, and we are not sure why he stopped, but we know he is starting again.  However, he is not doing this alone.  Following a prophesy that was spoken over him years ago, this time, Reece is taking the “Four” with him.

There are four other characters, and I loved getting to know the history of each of them, as well as watch their relationships grow as the story grew.  There is the Singer, Brandon, the Leader, Dana, and the Teacher, Marcus.  There is a fourth, Tamara but we never really get to dive into her past or her life.  The others are easy to identify with and seem like people you would interact with in every day life.  I like that they were all believers, yet not living like they believed, a lot like we can do too.

I loved the image that Mr. Rubart gives to intercessory prayer, because as far as we know that is the only part of this story that we can really do.   So many times when they were not sure what to do, the prayed, over and over.  They trusted in what God spoke to them during those times of prayer.  It reminded me of why we need to be constantly in prayer in our lives too.

I loved the spiritual warfare that took place in this world throughout the story and the warfare that happened while the characters were in the soul’s of others.  I know it sounds  a bit crazy, but I was pulled in by the story line and really enjoyed it. 

Here is a trailer for the book.  (Disclaimer: not my favorite trailer, does not really do the book justice, but it might pique your curiosity a bit.)

So the real message that I took away from this book, was our need to be freed from the things that enslave us, the lies we give life to by replaying them over and over. I loved how these characters joined together to wage war for each other, to help free each other from their own lies. The freedom that is gained is only found in Christ, and throughout the story when the characters were facing demons and evil, they relied upon the name of Jesus above all else. So often, in our real lives I think we fail to realize the power that is in us because Jesus is in us, if only we will rely on that power we can also find freedom.

I highly recommend this book if you enjoy action, Biblically based, spiritual warfare types of books.  This is a page turner and once I got going I was very reluctant to put it down!

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 Souls Gate by Jim Rubart


NOTE : I was offered a copy of this book at no cost, in exchange for an honest review,  by Thomas Nelson and LitFuse.


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