Fun Times

We have had a great week here at the Cole Farm!

We were able to play with friends again!

We also got all dressed up for the Fall Festival at our Church – lots of fun there too!!


Then my younger two and I enjoyed schooling outside while the older 2 helped at the Food Pantry.


schooling in the sun

As you can see the weather is fluctuating from warm and sunny to chilly and breezy – but overall we are enjoying our fall weather!!

Finally, I must share some great food we have been enjoying!!  I made Hummus last week and it was the best I have made!!  I would love for us to have hummus once a week and homemade – saves lots of money and I get to make it how I want!! (Used THIS recipe, omitted the Tahini)


And then, I have found these divine treats!!  I wanted some Ginger Snaps but did not want to go to the store, I found THIS recipe and tried them…  AMAZING!!  So this is my second batch that will be used to make another treat that I will share next week!!ginger snaps


Hope you are counting your blessings this November as we reflect on all that God has done for us and to us!!  So thankful for these fun kids, great friends, and these yummy treats!!


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