Book Review : Debt Proof Your Christmas

I love this time of year.  I love the decorations, I love making and buying gifts, I love all the traditions leading up to Christmas Day.  However, I do not love getting up on December 26th and knowing that I will be paying for my December for weeks, months, or years later.  Thankfully, we have not done that in many, many years.

I love Mary Hunt.  I love all of her books! 

Most recently I reviewed Raising Financially Confident Kids and loved that book!  This time around I get to tell you all the reasons I loved Debt Proof Your Christmas!

I love how straight to the point Mary Hunt is.  She is very transparent and will tell you all the crazy mistakes she made in her younger years.  She is not afraid to reveal how in debt she went one Christmas in an attempt to get the “perfect” gifts from a very high end department store since they were the only ones who would extend her credit!

My favorite part of this book was not all the great info, the suggestions to plan ahead and plan well, not to pay cash, but the best part was the little vignettes at the end of each chapter.  These little stories are direct from fans of Mary’s, and they share what they do.  I loved the traditions that many shared that do not cost anything but were so special!


One thing that has worked for my family for years, to keep our Christmas costs down, is to make most of our gifts.  I love that Mary included several chapters that offer tons of ideas : from the Kitchen, in a jar, from the garden, Family gifts, and then there were even more!  This book will sure coach you on how to stay out of debt this Christmas, but it will also offer some great ideas for some memorable gifts!

One thing to remember, Christmas should not surprise anyone.  While it may be a bit late to implement all of Mary’s ideas this year, you should still get this book and read it – because on December 26th you need to be thinking about next year.  The more we plan ahead, the more successful we can be with homemade gifts, paying cash and making Christmas about more than just going into debt!!

I loved this book and I highly recommend you pick up a copy!!

Check out Mary Hunt on the Today Show this week!!


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I loved this book!!  I hope you check it out!!

NOTE : I was offered a copy of Debt Proof Your Christmas, at no cost, in exchange for an honest review, by Revell Publishers! Take control of your financial future!

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