Book Review : Fire of the Raging Dragon

Okay, First I must admit I am an Army Girl.  Short of allowing my boys to go to Annapolis, I am not interested in the Navy.  Well, before this book anyway!

I loved this story.  I loved the characters, all of them.  I loved their integrity, their love for the Navy and their Country.  I admit, it took a few chapters to get me hooked.  But, after that I was totally enthralled in this story. 

Don Brown has written many novels involving the Navy, but this is my first time to read him.  I will be sure to look up his other books to get my hands of those too.  I am a new fan of Mr. Don Brown.  He knows just how to weave a story together that you do not want to put down.  He creates characters that you love, and others who you will hate. 

This particular story is about the President’s daughter, a graduate of Annapolis Naval Academy who is serving on board a ship in the China Sea.  At the same time China decides that is wants to regain control of Taiwan (with a new leader in China).  So there is a war brewing and the President’s daughter is right in the middle of it.

I really cannot say enough about the characters and the story that Don Brown so expertly wove together.  He brings in a great deal of expertise, but not so much that you are overwhelmed.  Simply put, I thoroughly enjoyed it and cannot wait to read more by him!!

To read more about the book and to see a quick trailer check out Don Brown’s Page HERE.

Note :I was offered this copy of Fire of the Raging Dragon by Zondervan Publishers.

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