Summary {For the Book Lovers on your list}

I have been so blessed to read many, many books this fall and wanted to give you a quick summary of some great gift ideas!!

If you have a reader on your list, you really need to check out one of these books for them!!


  Fire of the Raging Dragon  {Military Drama, Navy, a war-type of story}

  Resurrect  {Navy pilot dies, but gets a new life in a new body, but now has to save the world…}

 Placebo  (one of my FAVORITE authors, a group go undercover to exploit a medical research facility, but there is more than expected going on}

  Soul’s Gate  {takes you to another level spiritually, great story, will make you really look at intervening prayer in a new light}



  Debt Proof Your Christmas {Mary Hunt, self-explanatory, great stories of what families do, great homemade gift ideas}

  American Patriots  {Rick Santorum, amazing historical book}

   Hot Buttons (Dating, Drugs, Sexuality, and Internet) {Great book for parents of up and coming teens, loved these}

   Farmer’s Daughter {A darling cookbook from a woman who great up Mennonite}

   Cleaning House  {Kay Wyma – will change your life and your home with your children – LOVE THIS BOOK!!}



  Christmas Pony {great for a younger reader, or a fun Christmas read}

  When a Heart Stops  {Good light fiction, romance but some action and suspense too}

  Life with Lily  {A children’s book, Lily is an Amish girl growing up on the farm.

  You Don’t Know Me  {A woman was living a new life under the witness protection program, but now “he” found her, does she run, or tell her family the truth}

There are many more you can check out if you want to see a LIST HERE too – but these are the books I have loved reading this past couple months!  I hope you find something that interests you, or that special someone you might be shopping for!!

Merry Christmas!!

1 thought on “Summary {For the Book Lovers on your list}

  1. Hey Janelle, I'm Diane, Peg's good friend in Newberg. And I am an avid reader and sometime writer. Your mom is so looking forward to spending time with you at Christmas. I'm excited about this review. Blessings to you and yours in this wonderful holy, holiday season. d

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