A new member of the fam….

Well here is Steve. {Note : I had no part in naming this guy- I liked Charlie…..}

So here is the little guy in the trailer not too happy.

arrival of steve

Here he is in the yard, checking things out.

loose calf

And then we got him penned up in a smaller spot


penned up steve


Still not a happy boy, but about to get much less happy ….

So we tried to get him to take a bottle – our theory to get him used to us and willing to come when we want him.  He was not too thrilled, so I called in help!!

Here is our friend Justin who showed a steer last year with our Live Stock Show.  At this point we think Steve is a steer…..

not happy Steve


We got him tied up to try and “break” him a bit and get him behaving better….

He REALLY did not like this.  However, while tied up (for 30 min) we got to brush him clean, and scratch him.  And my friend found out he is not a steer – he is a bull calf!  Uh oh. 

working to break Steve

Then the boys worked with him a bit, Justin showed my boys how to lead him a bit, really tug  him around.  It was good.  Justin got to instruct, and my boys learned a bit!

learning from Justinwokring out new calf

So then my friend called her “helper” and set up for us to go to the school this week, with Steve – to get him turned into a Steer and to get rid of those horns – by the Ag teacher!!!  He is going to use it as a class for his students, and we get to watch and learn too!!  Besides, we do not want to have to deal with a steer who is a bit ornery and has horns!!

Another day here on the farm, learning lots and lots!! I do love this life!!

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