It’s almost time

As we prepared to celebrate Christmas this week, my mind started thinking about the weeks after that.  Trying to figure out what next year will hold, not the predicting kind, but what is God working on with me for next year?

Last year I chose a word to really think about : trust.  I wanted to trust God more fully, I aimed to trust the things happening in my like and really, to trust HIM.

Sunday, in church I heard my word for 2013, but first, a few thoughts…

This Christmas we have not done all I hoped we would.  We did not even do our Jesse tree tradition each day.  We did not get our 12 days of giving off the way I planned.  We did not watch many of our annual Christmas movies.  We did not complete several crafts I prepped.  And I like to check things off my lists.  I like to feel a sense of accomplishment.  And, honestly I don’t have too much of that these days.

Instead we are enjoying extra time with family – we have never had 2 weeks of company at Christmas before!!  Not sure where else we have spent our time, but it has been just fine.  Another reminder that it is not all about checking off tasks – it’s really more about just being where you are.

So as I remembered a book I wanted to read with the kids this last 12 days, I figured why not start it Jan 1st?  So what if it is a 12 days of Christmas devotion?  Can Christ not be a celebration year round?

So that is what brought me to my word for 2013. 


I want to think of MORE this next year – not more stuff, not more time, not more of anything else except more of Jesus.  I want to spend more time with him, think about him more, dwell with him more.  I want more of his peace, more of his comfort, more of HIM.

As I embrace 2013 – I hope that there is less of me, less of all I want, less of all the busyness, less of the world.  I want to slow our family life down a bit more, think about what really matters, manage our time and our resources a bit better.  I want to spend more time playing, enjoying all God has given us. 

So, as we get ready to welcome in the new year, here’s to grabbing more of Jesus and less of ourselves!!

1 thought on “It’s almost time

  1. Hey Janelle,

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. We are still in Guam and will be here another year Lord willing. I will be praying for you and your family as you welcome in the New Year with the Lord at the center of all…much love to you and your beautiful family…

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