New Year = Changes

So what does your new year look like?  What changes, commitments, resolutions, goals are you making?

I am refining my goals for this next year.  I think the more specific I am, the better.  The more I spend time really praying about where I feel God is leading me, the more likely I am to be on the right track.

Meanwhile, change is here.

We are planning to changing some things up, and hoping to change others things up.

The plan.  We are moving one boy out of the boy room, into the girl room.  So we will now have the big kid room and the younger kid room.  We are painting the girl/boy room a slate blue (this week or next) with a white ceiling.  A big change from Pepto-Bismol pink.  Ugh!

We are moving bunk beds into the new room, and 2 twins in the big boys room (AKA guest room).

I plan to put maps up all over one of those walls, and get some kind of head boards up in there too.  Should be fun – and will be a huge improvement in there!!

Next, we are moving lots of stuff around, switching beds, moving dressers and getting everyone re-situated in their updated rooms.

While all this is going on I was thinking I really need to spend a few weeks organizing the house – and maybe January is a great time for that.  I have these great books on organizing – I may have to pull them out, dust them off and apply some great stuff, we’ll see!!

So, it’s a new year, change is brewing around here – and I am excited!!

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