A new Venture

Sometimes you can get idea and know it is the ONE.  Sometimes we run full speed into the unknown hoping that we know enough.  And I did. 

Right now (a few hours fully committed) I think I did adequate research.  I think I asked more than enough questions.  And I am tickled!

So, here’s the scoop.  First, I read THIS article about stopping Asthma in kids without meds.  The milk thing is not new, we were off milk for months last winter and this summer, drinking Almond Milk or Coconut Milk – but still eating normal cheese.  Feeling that drinking milk was offering too much dairy and aggravating the asthma.  So reading that article was not really new stuff, just a new way to do it.

I have wanted to try milking a cow since we got out here and Robert told me I was crazy.  Then I talked to many many people and said – fine, but still was mildly interested.  So when DaNelle explained that she substituted Raw Goat Milk in their family and her son’s asthma was managed (with many other changes too, read the article!!) I was hooked!! 

The goats that DaNelle milks are Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats – so they are smaller, eat less, are very friendly and make enough milk for an average family.   So with lots of research, with a few visits to meet others who are raising goats, I quickly determined this was the farm animal for us!!

So meet our sweet either month old doelings:


petunia (2)





They are so sweet – and so fun already!!  We are just thrilled to have some new members of our fun farm!  Polly is not sure about them (our dog) and they are not sure about Steve (our calf) – but all will get along just fine!

petunia and primrose

both girlspetuniaprimrose


We plan to breed one of these little girls this fall and then we will start getting goat’s milk daily in the spring and for about 9 months.  Then next spring we will breed the other sister and her milk will start fall of 2014 and go for about 9 months as well.  The bonus will be little “kids” who we can then raise or sell.  Did I mention the kids can show these girls or their off-spring?  They can and I bet we have 4 showing goats before too long!  I cannot wait!

{I’m sharing on The Prairie Homestead Barn Hop}


3 thoughts on “A new Venture

  1. Baby goats are so cute. We purchased 3 Nubian doelings last spring/summer and are waiting for one to come in heat so we can take her to be bred. I cant wait to have milk. Good luck, they are so much fun.

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