Book Review : Cheaper, Better, Faster

I love to read hints from Heloise, or all those other great tips in magazines, websites, and of course pinterest
Do you want to know a great resource to have to help you find all those tips and tricks in one place?

CBF_3D copy

Cheaper, Better, Faster by Mary Hunt is the book for you!

Mary Hunt put this book together after publishing the Debt-Proof Living newsletter – when everyone would send in tips and ideas, she realized that she might be onto something!  Check out Mary’s blog to read more about the birthing of this book!!

I have loved reviewing several other books by Mary Hunt and this one was also a delight!  When this book arrived during our Christmas break, my mom could not get enough of this book!  Every night, afternoon, or really anytime we were just relaxing in the living room, she was reading through this book sharing all her new knowledge with us!

This book has tips in all of these categories :

Automobiles                                   Cleaning

Clothing & Accessories             Food & Cooking

Gifts                                                   Healthy and Beauty

Holidays                                         Home

Kids & Babies                               Laundry

Money                                             Outdoors

Pets                                                  Repair & Maintenance

Shopping                                      Travel & Expenses

I have loved going through these pages and gleaning tons of little bits of information!! 

Here are a few tips I thought were worth remembering:

– get rid of pet hair by running a damp sponge over surfaces

– fleas hate vinegar, spray your pet before taking for a walk to kill/rid them of fleas

– use placemats to line drawers instead of drawer liner, easier to wash

– to make candles dripless, soak in strong saltwater solution and then dry well

– hide some charcoal in your bathroom to absorb moisture

– keep a container in the freezer to throw in vegetable pieces, when full make stock (same with beef or chicken bones or pieces)

– use an ice cream scoop to scoop out inside of squash

– to keep steel wool from rusting, store it in the box with the other ones.

– use sock singles (widows) to dust – slip them over your (or your kids) hand and use to wipe furniture clean.

Okay, those were a few, there are over 2000 tips in this great book!  Really check it out, you will learn more than you knew you needed to know!!

Take control of your financial future!

NOTE : I was offered a copy of Cheaper, Better, Faster by Mary Hunt, in exchange for an honest review by Revell Publishers.

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