Fun with Family

We had so much fun in December with family!  We had the first (hopefully annual) family Christmas gathering with lots of Robert’s cousins from the area!!

First, a sign to point everyone the right way!!

christmas sign

Then add some family from 4 different areas (to include Michigan)

table full of people

family party


Add some cousins …

3 sweet boys one wierd one

Bring out the bow and arrow….

boys and bow and arrow

brian and bowbrian and nephews

Mix in some birthday cake…

birthday cake

And some cupcakes…

christmas cup cakes

Another shot (or two / three) of some of the cousins…

cousins favcousins looking everywhere


Of course the kids found an occasional animal to play with (those that were not in hiding that is)

girls in penny's pensweet smiling cousins


And you do not come out to the Cole Farm without enjoying a bonfire!!

cousins at bonfire

grammie and papa with girlspre-christmas bonfirerobert roasting hot dogs

crazy boys at bonfire

uncle brian

crazy cousins

It was a fun day, and I hope we do this again in December of 2013!!

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