Book Review : 5 Days to Clutter Free House

When January rolls around each year I am itching for change.  I love to change the look of my home, I love to clean things out, I love anything that results in change.

This year I was able to not only feel like doing something, but I was inspired to do something!  I was able to read through the book 5 Days to a Clutter Free House.  I was hoping to go through their 5 day process and be able to tell you how well it worked.  But life happened again, and well I did not get to implement all of their ideas.

clutter free

I love this book!  I love the premise behind it and the way they get to you a clutter-free home in 5 days!  Now, keep in mind those five days may be over a period of a month, but the actually process takes you 5 FULL days of working, and most importantly : with a Team.

That was the part that I struggled with, we homeschool so we are a bit busy, all my friends homeschool too and so they are busy, and getting 3-5 ladies together to run through this was tough.  I would love to do this in the summer though, while our kids played outside and left us alone!  I think this would be amazing!

Okay, to summarize the process you build a team, a few friends who will come to your house and help.  They do not need to be your best friends, or trained in organizing (although that would rock!).  Next you pick 5 days to work.

There are plans in the book, an invite sample you can use that will explain what you are doing and what you need help with.  You need to assemble some supplies too, the most important are boxes or bins for each room to sort stuff.

Day 1 : Floors – you are to approach it like a body.  Start with feet to knees – so lower shelves, floor, etc.  Declutter and clean. 

Day 2-5 : Well, you need to get the book, but they all represent parts of the body.

I just cannot wait.  I want to try and do this in my school building, (ugh  – it looks like a book bomb, a fabric bomb, and other stuff went off in there!) and I think the summer would be a great time to gather some friends to knock this out!

I love the way Sandra Felton and Marsha Sims wrote this book, super easy to follow, interesting to read, and fun!  I highly recommend this great little book, it is a wonderfully laid out plan that will really result in success!! 

Note : I was offered a copy of 5 Days to a Clutter-Free House, at no cost, in exchange for an honest review by Revell Publishers.

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