Birthday Fun

We had so much fun this week when we trekked up to Dallas to visit the new Perot Museum.  We were able to get in for free since we have a Tyler museum pass – this was awesome!!

So we planned to check out the museum, and then drive over to Grand Prairie to eat at Mix It Up Burger with friends!  It was so much fun!

The museum was great.  the kids enjoyed the 3rd and 4th floor, but once we got the the second floor we hung out a while.  You take an escalator up when you start straight to the fourth floor.  Then you work your way down as you go through each floor.  The second floor was all the hands on science fun!

I personally enjoyed the 4th floor bird area the most, where we met a volunteer who is a birder  – lots of good conversation!


Lunch was very yummy, not so healthy – but we all had fun!  We met up with friends and there was certainly not a quite moment while we were there!!

lunch with Byerly family

It was a great way to celebrate our oldest son’s 12th birthday!!

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