death by sugar…

9 layer goodnessOh my.  When I saw the picture below on pinterest I knew I “needed” to make it for J’s 12th birthday.


{Photo by}

But after buying all the ingredients, getting to the day before the BIG DAY, I realized I really cannot make this.  I only have 2 springform pans and they are not the same size.  So I did what moms do, I made it work.

ooey gooey goodness

I know, mine is not quite so pretty with defined layers, but it still tasted amazing!

So here is my version:

1 box of brownie mix (follow directions, but I substituted coconut oil for the called for oil)

1 recipe of outrageous {sugar-free} chocolate chip cookies (I will post my recipe for these tomorrow)

1 batch of cream cheese filling (from here, minus the egg yolk)

graham crackers

1 batch of chocolate frosting (from original recipe)

1 batch of marshmallow frosting (from original recipe)


That is so much sugar I am not sure I will be able to eat it.   Honestly, I think we may all go into a glycemic over-load.

So to assemble, I started with

1. brownie layer

2. cream cheese filling

3. graham crackers

4.  marshmallow frosting

{Then I chilled it for a few hours}

5.  Chocolate frosting

6. cream cheese filling

7. graham crackers

8. Marshmallow Frosting

9. Chocolate Frosting



The kids could not wait to cut into this thing.  I did make it the night before so it could set, and sponge (or something) and then we enjoyed it for J’s birthday lunch!!  Fun!

j and cake

{Update} Okay, so after having some, I was shocked at how well it went down…

all gone

It was a great birthday for my boy!!

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