Book Review : Belonging & Betrayal

I am pretty excited to tell you about two great books today, and offer you a chance to get a copy for yourself of BOTH for FREE!!

belonging 2  betrayal200h

Robin Lee Hatcher is probably only a new author to me.  Yes, I admit, I have missed most of her books in the past.  I normally gravitate to some thriller Christian Fiction verses the romantic genre. 

I was offered a copy of both books, and to make it even better they threw in a set for me to give away.  I started with #2, since that was the one I was really supposed to review.  I enjoyed it so much, I had to go back and read the first!  While I grabbed the first, my son picked up the second and got right into it (with my permission).

While normally I would not encourage my son to pick up a romantic fiction book, I did this time. First, quite honestly this was not your typical romantic fiction, and second, the main character is a man.  So I told him go ahead, he had it finished in about 36 hours.  (The kid reads quicker than me, I think)

Premise: three children Felicia, Hugh and Diane board a train in Chicago, bound for the west – following the death of their mother.  They are all separated and are now adults trying to figure out their lives and find each other.

belonging 2

Book #1 Belonging is about Felicia, after her adopted parents die she moves away to take a job as a school teacher to avoid further contact with her parent’s family.  It is a great story.  I love the country life that both stories deal with, small town, and simple.  I also enjoyed the school teacher side of Felicia’s story, as she worked with different students and was inspired to really make a difference.

Yes, there was a bit of romance, gentle and clean enough for my 12 year old son.  This kind of romance does not make you wish it was your husband who was sweeping you off your feet, instead it inspires you to give more, love better and forgive easier!  I love that.  I hope that these stories inspire my boy to be a man of character like the men in these stories. (not the steamy ones you may or may not have read in the past)

betrayal200hBook #2 Betrayal is about Hugh – which is why my both grabbed it up.  The best part?  After he started I asked him if he liked it, and he said I really like how he is always quoting scripture to himself.  LOVE THAT!! 

This story is about Hugh wandering up to a ranch looking for some water and a break for his lame horse.  He asks if he can stay a few days and offers to help out.  The owner, Julia, a widow, allows him to stay but then really begins to appreciate his gentle spirit and his hard work.  Again some romance here, but the good kind.  The kind that make you want to be better, not want more.  I loved how Julia and Hugh both have to deal with the pain and hurt in their past in order to open up and trust each other.

I loved both books, I highly recommend them!  I enjoyed characters tremendously, not just the main ones, but all the supporting ones as well!  I enjoyed how each of the couples had to really decide to trust God as he was leading them.  And yes, I think these books are clean and good enough for young adults!

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NOTE : I received the copy I read and the copy I am giving away from Zondervan Publishers, in exchange for an honest review!


2 thoughts on “Book Review : Belonging & Betrayal

  1. My favorite author (varies) but I always keep going back to Francine Rivers – so much redemption demonstrated in her books! Thanks!

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