Sprouts anyone?

Oh the fun we have had!!  We went to a sustainable gardening club meeting recently and it was so much fun!!  At the meeting we met people who are thinking like us : garden, home raised meat, and even organic!  Not everyone thinking the same, but similar and encouraging!

As part of our meeting a friend taught us all how to sprout.  I have read tons of posts about this on the internet, but never ventured out to do it.  But this time, it was different!  Cheri sent us home with a baggie of seeds, a box to raise them, and the knowledge to do it!!

Start with a plastic shoe box (or you can use other stuff, but this time we used a plastic 89 cent shoe box from Walmart)

You need a fine strainer, we have a metal one.

Pour some seeds into strainer and rinse.

Then dump into shoe box. (yes they will be wet.

little seeds 2

Cover the shoe box with lid and leave over night.


The next morning, add water to shoe box, rinse around and then dump into your strainer.  Dump (wet) seeds back into box and cover.

That night,add water to shoe box, rinse around and then dump into your strainer. Dump (wet) seeds back into box and cover.

After about 2 days it will look like this….

sprouts with feet

Keep doing it – you know, wash, rinse, repeat – well except wash is really just rinsing. 

Do this about 4-5 days and finally…


We ate our first batch on our tostadas at lunch … my little girl can’t wait to eat them!!  We gobbled almost all of them up in one meal!!

on tostada

The next batch I just left on the counter after the breakfast rinse one day and they were gone by lunch.  It was so much fun!!


you must use seeds specifically for sprouting – other seeds are sprayed with stuff you cannot eat.

You need to rinse every morning and evening to make sure they do not get funky …. if they do feed them to your goats, chickens, steer or the compost!

Lastly – HAVE FUN!!  So many different seeds you can sprout.  We did sprout some wheat in a mason jar, same idea as the box, but I put cheese cloth and a rubber band on top, filled and rinse and then just poured out the water.  I left the jar on it’s side during the day.  It worked great too!!


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