Getting away with some Sally (pt 2)

Did that first part of my weekend sound like fun??  Oh it was.  It was great to be in a room with almost 800 other moms who want to really lead their children’s hearts and not just their actions.

It was great!!

So, after having a quick supper and some visiting, we got back to our seats to settle in and hear what Sarah Mae had to say!!  Oh my, what a sweet young mom!!  I just loved getting to chat with her very briefly at our table, and then loved listening to her story even more! 

Sarah Mae wrote Desperate – a book recently released – that she co-wrote with Sally Clarkson.  (HOW COOL IS THAT!?)  I have had the book in my hands for several weeks, but I have not finished it, shame on me – I know!  But it is so good.  Sarah’s kids are a bit younger than mine, but I still feel like her message is very relevant to me.  And it is not about feeling desperate because your kids are out of control, more that we feel desperate because we are not plugged in to the right source.

Anyway, loved her talk – she talked about being a Free mom – we are unchained.  We have grace and can and should offer it to our kids.  That we are not perfect … and neither are those little ones.  She reminded us that we need to let go of the “but” in the “yes, we are saved by grace, BUT….”

Did I mention she is a blogger too?  Of course.  Her blog is SarahMae – and check her out too!!  My favorite thing she said was a caterpillar has 100% butterfly DNA – even though it looks like a caterpillar – and our kids are more than they look too.


Then evening ended with Sally again, this time she shared how we need to inspire and allow our children to dream.  Her children’s stories are amazing, and boy have they dreamed!!  She used the illustration that our purpose is to light the fire within our kids to do great things for God.  I loved that.  I want to light the fire within them – I want to dare them to dream, and to be bold enough to follow those dreams!!

There was so much to take in on Friday afternoon and evening.  It was just what my weary soul needed.  The main theme of this conference was hope.  Hoping for what we do not see, the future of our kids, of our family. (I needed to hear this)

Another great line was the we are all clay and only the potter can mold the clay.  I cannot mold myself, nor can I mold my kids, I need to let God mold me and my kids.  That was good.

Day 1, whew.  It ended late.  It was good.  Good time with good friends! 

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