Fishin’ Day @ the Neches

Oh my.  My world got a little bigger yesterday! 


We have been wanting to go fishing with our friends, they kept telling us how fun it was.  Finally, yesterday we woke up between 5:15-5:30 and got all our gear ready (yes, too much gear) and headed out about 6:15.


Along the way we enjoyed watching the sun rise – it was beautiful and changing colors and picture every couple minutes!!

february 2013 iphone fishing 033


We arrived at the river about 6:45 ready to go!

heading out fishing

We met up with the Brown Family – her daughter hung out in the car and rested, too cold for her.  Her boys though, oh my, what a blessing they were to my family and especially my children!!

on the bank less foggy

We fished in their favorite spot first, while they caught a few, we did not.  We even had a little fire to warm up a bit and then we moved on to another spot.

ag fishin

At this spot almost everyone caught at least one!! 

ag and her ctch

happy j better

p with his catch

pullin in a catch

j and p with js catch

me and my catch

ms brown with her catch

j with catch


It was so much fun!  We expected it to feel colder than it was, but it was not bad at all. 

j and j on the bank

The Brown boys helped my boys learn about lures, hooks, how to cast, repair their lines, and a few knots in there too.  It was just awesome to watch their patience with my gang, and their hearts to really spend time with them.  It was truly amazing to watch.


I had so much fun chatting with Ms. Brown about our families, our stories of how we got here – just getting to know more about each other. 

all lined up fishing

And now?  I’m hooked!!  (ha ha) – I can’t get to the fishing aisle in Wal-Mart fast enough!!  And we are already planning our next trip – maybe Monday?  It was just a perfect morning!!

the river with sun coming up

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