That was the word to assigned to 2013.  I wanted more – not more stuff, or more things, or more to do – I wanted more of Jesus.  Really.  I wanted him to be enough.  I wanted him to be first, not left overs.

The past several weeks I have heard the second part of my word for the year – worship.  I have heard an amazing preacher talk about worship in ways I have never heard before.  He talked about us being worship leaders, all of us.  He talked about the only excuse to not worship : ______ oh wait – there is no excuse.  Job worshipped when he lost it all.  Mary worshipped when she was confused and scared.  Many others worshipped despite the  fill-in-the-blank

Then Sally (I think, it could have been Sarah Mae or Kat) talked about how we can worship God by raising our kids, by discipling them, by loving them.

Then the light went off!  I realized, it is not just about wanting more Jesus – it is about more of me worshipping him in the day to day, minute to minute, parts of life.  It’s about stopping from yelling and praising him for the kids that drive me a bit crazy.  It’s about not letting the day to day wear me out because I serve a crazy, amazing loving God!!

It’s about offering thanks, because that is worship too, for everything : the broken washing machine, the sassy 12 year old, the squeaky car, the…. the list goes on and on – amidst all the good stuff too, you know!?  But really, being thankful and worshipping how God he is in our lives.  About taking the time in the morning to offer HIM my first fruits in the morning, not offering that same time to facebook or email.  Ugh.  That is a whole other bag of worms…

Okay – so my motto for 2013 is firmly : MORE WORSHIP.  And, if I can do that I am pretty sure I can do everything else.  If I worship him all day long while I am discipling, disciplining, working, schooling, cleaning, cooking, etc – I think I may just draw even closer to this Jesus who I love more than life.  If I can just manage to make him my focus.  If.

But guess what?  I trust that even by trying, He will honor my efforts and bless my attempts and it will be better than before.  I have hope!  I hope for what I cannot see, me becoming a bit more like him in the day to day.  We’ll see how it goes.  I will keep you posted!

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