Book Review : Love in a Broken Vessel

I am so excited to tell you about a book I recently finished, and quite honestly I am missing!!  I find myself thinking about the characters as I work around the house.  Really.  It was that good that I still am thinking about what they are doing “in their world” today.  I loved it.


Love in a Broken Vessel is a story about a man and a woman.  You may know a bit about them.  You may have even read another amazing book about this man and woman.  Don’t let any of that influence you when it comes to reading this book.  Read it whether you know them or now, whether you have read other books about them or not.

{if you are reading this in email, you need to click over to watch the video of Mesu Andrews talk about her book}

Hosea and Gomer.  Many of us know their terrible story, or was it a great story?  Well, really, it is both.  It is terrible heart break and betrayal, and complete and utter forgiveness and love – all wrapped up together.  I have read both Redeeming Love, another novel based on the Bible story, and I have read the Bible story – but this story is still stuck in my head.  I have found myself asking, how am I like the Israelites?  How have I rejected God’s complete love for me?

This story of Gomer and Hosea was amazing, it gave me a real look into what Gomer could have been feeling many years ago as Hosea pursued her.  To see how she felt herself so unworthy despite his love for her. 

Mesu Andrews wrote this beautiful story, she also wrote one of my mesu picother favorite books Love’s Sacred Song – another biblical fiction novel.  I love the depth she brings to a story through her research.  You can almost smell the fragrances as Gomer walks through the markets, you can just imagine her asherah idol hidden among the dishes collecting the grime of the air, you can feel the love that Hosea pours out on Gomer time and again.  I really felt connected to these characters, seeing their lives as real and not just the books in the Bible.  {check out her blog to learn more about her!!}

I love to read Mesu Andrews and hope you will pick up a copy of this amazing book and check her out for yourself!!

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