Right Here {Gratitude}

This is where I want to delight to be.  Right Here.  Right Now. 

I sit here, early this morning, just thinking of all there is to be thankful for.  Thinking how if I slept in a bit more, I might miss, THIS.  This moment to stop and think.  To look across and see two boys – 12 and 10.  One reading his Bible under a blanket while the last fire of the year burns in the stove.  The other, eyes closed, praying for his day.

If I were still snuggled under the covers trying to hold to the night, and not grabbing my day, I would miss the quiet of the wood burning next to me.  I would miss my sweet cats waking up too, and lounging around the room.

Right here.  Thinking about what today is going to offer me.  The temps are turning here, tomatoes and peppers will go.  I have been waiting to get these in for weeks, and now patience will pay off.  If I had given in to my desire two weeks ago, we may have lost them all with these recent freezing temps!

Right here, still enjoying little Patches in the yard – starting to warm to us and come up for some snuggles.  And now a new member – a sweet little bull calf that arrived last night.  (Not sure about his name yet).  Enjoying our sweet little chicks too, who will soon be our new egg laying hens!  I love welcoming new life into this Hobby Farm of ours!

Rejoicing that God opened up a home for Polly!  So, so, so happy to have found a family to love her like she wanted to be loved, a home where she IS the loved pet and not one of many.  No chickens to chase, no goats to bother – just people to love her!  God was so good to find the perfect home with some great kids to love her all day long!!  I just know she must feel like a Rock Star now!!

Right here.  I don’t want to be anywhere else.  I want to grab these early moments and the ones that will trickle in all day and enjoy every last bit of them. 

If you do not see how GOOD God is, you have not been looking around much have you?  Man, He is GOOD!!

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