We love to have friends trek out to see us!  We love to have them here in our home, eating at our table and enjoying this quiet life we found out here!

The Byerly’s family is one of our favorites to have out!  The kids are usually hard to find as they are either all together playing or spread out here and there playing. It is great!


This visit was a bit different.  Instead of playing, Robert put the boys to work!

However, I am not sure the boys considered it work!

The men/boys butchered about 13 chickens this day, and Robert was thrilled with the help, the boys loved the lesson, and mom took home 2 chickens in payment for their work! It was a win/win/win for everyone!!

Sheri had a great time and learned a lot too!

sheri with delight

ben dead chickenben with naked chicken

      drew and chickenj giving a lesson

There was some cuddling time with Patches, because who can resist an adorable 2 week old buckling? 

kate and patches

drew and patches

It was so much fun to catch up with our dear friends and we look forward to the next visit!!

kate feeding chloe

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