Book Review : The Dance

In the past I have enjoyed reading books by both Gary Smalley and Dan Walsh – this time I was excited to read a book by both of them!

The Dance - Dan Walsh and Gary Smalley

The Dance is a fictional story that deals head on with marital relationships.  This book takes lots of the information from the book by Gary Smalley, The DNA of relationships, and offers a practical glimpse of how you can live it out.

I loved getting to know Marilyn and Jim, the couple who are dealing with many issues in their marriage.  The way this story takes the idea of dancing and relates it to marriage was a great picture for me.  I appreciated the realistic picture this story presented, along with the marriage issues were also parenting issues and church issues.

I felt like the resolution that came at the end, while was predictable, the details surrounding it were not.  On many levels, I was able to relate to the questions each of the characters were asking, as well as the struggles they faced.  I look forward to the next book, The Promise, which will pick up with this same family and continue the story!

Whether your marriage is in a good place or not, this book can speak some great ideas and truths into your life!  I recommend this book to everyone, married or unmarried, there are great concepts addressed and explained in this book!  It was a delightful story!


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