Book Review : Waiting in Wonder

I love to get free books to review!  I love to read, and so this helps keep my costs down, plus I get some amazing books I may never have checked out!

My next favorite thing to do with these books is SHARE them!  And guess what?  I get to give away 2 copies of an amazing book!!

Waiting in Wonder - Catherine Claire Larson

Waiting in Wonder is a devotion book for expectant moms by Catherine Claire Larson!  Oh, how I wish I had this adorable book about 12 years ago!  And the devotions it has within its cover are just wonderful!

There are sections for each trimester, which I like, so if you get a copy of the book already into your pregnancy, you can navigate to the trimester you are in!  There is a journaling section for each devotion to inspire thoughts, and to give you a chance to write down  dreams and ideas.  Each devotion begins with a scripture verse and then has a short devotion that will steer your thoughts back to the Ultimate Creator as you navigate through your pregnancy.

The devotions often relate to the development phase of the baby at that time.  You will be encouraged to pray for fingertip formation in the second trimester, or for the practice breaths your baby is taking.  Not only do the devotions focus on your personal spiritual growth, your growth as a new (or old) mom, but also as a wife.  I loved that part too!  Adding a baby to a family affects everyone and changes all the relationships, being encouraged to pray about those changes is a blessing!

I really thought this book was adorable and delightful!  I am so thrilled to offer two free copies to you!  If you are not expecting, like me, do you know someone who is?  It is such a cute book, it would make a great gift too!  I cannot wait to give my copy to a friend who is expecting her first baby!!


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About Catherine:

I’m Catherine, lover of dappled light, and Blue Ridge hues, of closing my days nestled in my husband’s prayers, and of mornings which bud with baby coos and the voice of my tousled red-head calling for mama, (that name I wondered if I’d ever get to wear). I’m a collector of words, a cataloger of wonders, and a curator of grace stories.

catherine larson

Once upon a time (how can two and a half years ago seem like a lifetime?) I worked full-time writing for and with my dear friend and mentor, Chuck Colson, hammering out radio scripts for BreakPoint Radio, columns for Christianity Today, and online answers for the Washington Post and Newsweek’s joint venture called On Faith. There’s much more I could tell you about visiting prisoners and telling their stories, about an adventure to report forgiveness unfolding in the heart of war-torn Africa, and watching a little church come to life alongside my brother. But those are stories for another day.

I cannot recommend this book any more – I just loved it!!  I think every expectant mom would feel blessed to have a copy to treasure! 

NOTE: I received a copy from Thomas Nelson Publishers, in exchange for an honest review.

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