We had a great trip this weekend!!  As a family, we trekked down to Washington on the Brazos to do some sight seeing.  The next day we headed to A&M to compete in District Livestock Judging.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Washington on the Brazos, honestly I had no idea what would be there or what we would learn.  Washington on the Brazos is where Texas became a Republic. 

livestock judging 097

We were able to sit in a building that is built to mirror the original building where a group of men met and signed the Declaration of Independence.  We heard how these men met while the Alamo was being over-run by Santa Anna and how the call for help came. 

This place is rich in Texas history, between the museum that chronicles the history of Texas, to the working farm that gives a picture of what life in the 1850’s in Texas looked like. 

livestock judging 101



livestock judging 103

livestock judging 105

It was a great day to walk around and enjoy the wildflowers too!!

livestock judging 109livestock judging 111livestock judging 113livestock judging 116livestock judging 124livestock judging 127livestock judging 130

The next day we headed to A&M to sign in for Livestock judging.  This was the district level competition.  Our boys signed up at the last minute at the county level competition during our Henderson County Livestock show.  They enjoyed it, so we thought they would like to do it again!  This time we brought a friend Christopher along, and it sure seems like he enjoyed it!!

livestock judging 137

We even stopped by to see the George Bush Library and the gorgeous pond behind it.


livestock judging 132livestock judging 133livestock judging 134livestock judging 135livestock judging 136

livestock judging 098

We even got a chance to find a geocache!!

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