Book Review : Darkness before Dawn

Darkness before Dawn is a novel about a young woman dealing with the death of her husband.  Meg Richard’s husband is killed by a drunk driver while on his way home from a business trip. 


This story is about how someone might deal with the untimely death of her husband, especially after just learning she is expecting their first child too.  This was not a sweet sappy story, in fact it was pretty assertive in how Meg deals with her pain, but also about how a few characters deal with her from a Christian perspective.

I enjoyed this story, but it is a heavier read than a typical Christian Fiction story.  This would be a good book to share with someone who might be giving in to anger as they are grieving some loss in their life.  The characters in this story are strong and interesting, especially a woman named Nancy.  Meg is a nurse and Nancy is a patient who is dying.  The difference between their lives is that Nancy loves the Lord and is trusting him with her future while Meg is trying to do things her way.

There are many lessons to be learned in this story and we could all glean some good info from its pages. 


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