Book Review : Take a Chance on Me

I always enjoy reading a story by Susan May Warren, the latest is a book titled Take a Chance on Me

Take a Chance on Me

First, I loved her play on the title, this story is not about one person taking a chance on one other person, it is really about several taking chances, on each other, on God, on themselves.



The Christiansen Family is the central family in this story and there are many other families who are not new to Susan’s stories since she takes us back to Deep Haven, the back drop of many of her novels.  I quickly got right back where I left off in Deep Haven with her last novels Shadow of Your Smile and You Don’t Know Me.

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I loved these characters she introduces us to.  Ivy is my favorite, but I loved Jensen too.  Each of these characters has a depth you want to jump into, a past you want to know and understand, and a love that you want to share. 

Ivy is a woman trying to start her life in Deep Haven, as a newcomer she is instantly in love with the charm of the town and its people.  But in small towns things seem to all run together and she quickly learns how true that is.  Jensen is a man with a sordid past, regrets he’d like to erase and desires for a future he never expects to satisfy.  I can identify with both Ivy and Jensen on some level.  I loved watching them both grow in who they were and in the Lord in this story.

This book is a great quick read, because you will not want to put it down, but with some depth in both the story and the characters.  I love books that I can get into, fully enjoy, and also take away lessons from!  I did all of those things with this book!

I cannot wait for the next Christiansen Family novel to come out!!

I highly recommend this book, and any of Susan’s books that you can manage to get your hands on!!

I also have a copy of this great story to share with you – so leave a comment and I will pick a winner!!


Susan May Warren Take a Chance on Me Launch Team

NOTE : I was offered a copy of Take a Chance on Me as a member of Susan May Warren’s 2013 Kickoff Team, in exchange for an honest review.

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