My new friend

At least that is how it feels! Like a new friend!  I have had “her” for about 18 months collecting dust, sadly.  But not any more, she usually is sitting on the stove, the counter, the drying rack, or about to be one of those!!

pressure cooker on stove

A few friends told me how much they love their pressure cooker, told me all that they make it in, and I finally felt like I could attempt something!  Since then I have cooked up Refried Beans, Regular beans, Purple Hull Peas from the freezer, chicken, pot roast and I am sure a few more things.

I love HER!!  I love that food cooks super fast and tastes great!!

with peas

The best part is you can infuse some yummy flavors into your food very quickly, resulting in a great meal!!

Recently I found THIS recipe for homemade refried beans in the Crock Pot!  I was thrilled, but then I tweaked it and made it in my Pressure Cooker in about 20 minutes, yes 20 MINUTES people!! 

They turned out super yummy!!  I do not have pictures, but imagine happy boys, asking for more!!

This week I simply threw in (without a recipe)

3 cups of soaked beans (for about 2 hours) + 9 cups of water

a diced onion

3 cloves of chopped garlic

a bay leaf

2 T of chili powder blend

Cooked it for 20 minutes and then used my food processor to mash ‘em up!!  They were lovely!! (I added salt before the processor)

I did this in the morning and threw them in the fridge.  When we came home about 7pm, I threw some rice in my pressure cooker – YES YOU CAN MAKE THAT TOO!!  Oh the joys!!

Rice – 3 cups, add water, then cook 11 minutes.  Heavenly.

So while I reheated my refried beans, my rice cooked and 15 minutes later I had supper for my gang!! 

pressure cooker on stove


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